Clinic Lukas Neuss
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Clinic Lukas Neuss
Multidisciplinary medical center, comprising:

• Medical Clinic I
Clinic of Cardiology , Nephrology and Intensive Care Medicine Clinic
• Medical Clinic II
Gastroenterology , pulmonology , hematology
• Surgical Clinic I
Clinic of Visceral and Vascular Surgery , Department of General Surgery , Coloproctology Clinic , Clinic of Thoracic Surgery , Clinic for Minimally Invasive Surgery
• Surgical Clinic II
Clinic orthopedic surgery and accident surgery
• Department of Urology
• Gynaecology
• Clinic for Otorhinolaryngology
• Clinic of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine
• Clinic Neuropaediatrics
• Clinic for Radiotherapy and radionkologii

Forte clinic is orthopedics and gastroenterology .


Director prof. Dr. med . Tobias Hayntges

The clinic specializes in patients with complex patterns of diseases in internal medicine and gastroenterology. The clinic is equipped with all necessary technical equipment, including all types of endoscopy.

Medical clinic opportunities:
• Complete laboratory diagnostics
• All types of diagnostic and interventional techniques for diseases of the digestive tract, liver , biliary tract , pancreas diseases
• Hromendoskopii
• Videoendoscopes
• Ph meters and manometry
• Endosonography with the possibility of puncturing
• Ultrasound diagnosis
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