St. Josef-Hospital
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St. Josef-Hospital

St. Josef-Hospital

Clinic Ruhr University in Bochum has a total of 3,000 fixed beds. It employs 8,500 workers who annually treat 90,000 stationary and 220,000 outpatients .

The Medical Center consists of 11 clinics and part of the University Clinic Bochum.

Center for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Center manages a leading expert in the field of aesthetic surgery Dr. Hoffman.

Laser Liposuction

This technique implies a removal of subcutaneous fat and is in great demand among plastic surgeons.

Classical liposuction thighs, especially its inner surface and the inner surface of the hands allows you to remove the excess fat , but its consequences - saggy skin even the very young girls.
Applying the laser can quickly and evenly, "melt" fat cells.

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