Klinika Otolaryngology Neuss
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Klinika Otolaryngology Neuss

Klinika Otolaryngology Neuss. Clinic is part of the medical center Lucas.

Prof. runs a clinic . Andreas Neumann (Member of the German Society for ENT specialists , Head and Neck Surgery , a member of the International Society for ENT surgery , a member of the German- Spanish ENT society
member of the German Society of biomaterial resources).


◊ microsurgery to improve hearing in diseases of the middle ear
◊ Implantation hearing systems
◊ Surgical treatment using intraoperative navigation system
◊ Treatment of swallowing disorders ( endoscopic surgery Zenker Divertirkul )
◊ Endoscopy during sleep
◊ Phonosurgery (surgical treatment of disorders of speech)
◊ vocal function recovery after the removal of the larynx or voice prosthesis installation , the so-called guttural replacement prosthesis
◊ Functionally preserving and functionally reconstructive operations for tumors , including minimally invasive microscopic laser surgery
◊ Minimally invasive surgery of lacrimal
◊ Surgical treatment of thyroid electrophysiological control laryngeal nerves
◊ Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
◊ Syndrome Treatment of vertigo

Special specialty clinics:
• Operational change voice pitch
• Pediatric Center laringologichesky
• Ear Microsurgery
Surgical techniques used in the clinic:
• Intraoperative navigation
• Laser Surgery
• ultrasonic scalpel
• Digital Endoscopy
• Radio wave surgery
• Koablyatsiya
• Jet- ventilator
• Autoflyuoristsentnaya diagnostics

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