Sanatorium " Klimcovice " - a modern resort in the east of the Czech Republic with a unique source of healing . This yodobromistaya water with an extremely high concentration of effective iodine and minerals .
Oodine bromide  valuable salt water helps in treating musculoskeletal , neurological and gynecological diseases, and has a favorable effect on the vascular system .
Experienced therapists and other medical personnel use not only standard rehabilitation devices , but modern equipment for therapy and entirely new diagnostic tools that improve the quality of care.
The resort also offers individual therapeutic and relaxation programs that are based on consultation with the doctor and the client's wishes . Total harmony of body and soul on klimkovitskom resort also promotes exceptional setting - it is located in a beautiful area at the foot of the mountains of the Oder .
Spa treatment yodobromistoy saltwater support immune processes , has a beneficial effect on the overall condition of the body , on the motility and function of the peripheral and central nervous system.
Sanatorium " Klimcovice " provides a spa treatment for adults across the spectrum of neurological and gynecological diseases. Rehabilitation is focused on restoring the body functions in diseases of the musculoskeletal system ( post-operative and post-traumatic conditions , joint pain and back pain , etc.).
One of the specialties of the resort is the rehabilitation after replacement of large joints and injuries , post- stroke and cerebral palsy in adults.
Sanatorium " Klimcovice " provides a spa treatment for children across the spectrum of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and neurological disorders .
Neurological indications include , primarily cerebral palsy and other central nervous system damage . Also we treat gynecological diseases.
Due to the effects of full machining treatments and natural healing spring - we have excellent results in various fields of human exposure .
Short-term treatment and prevention program
Treatment of obesity , back pain , high blood pressure or atherosclerosis balneoreabilitatsionnoy individual program with complex analysis of an organism.These therapies help to prevent diseases such as diabetes , cancer, rheumatic diseases, Alzheimer's disease or chronic fatigue syndrome.
Course: 3-7 days
Orthopedic and rheumatological program
Rehabilitation program for people before and after surgery on the hip or knee joints . Preventive orthopedic program , you can use again in the initial and late stages of degenerative joint disease . The sooner you start taking care of their joints, there is further postponed threat operations .
Course: 1-21 day
Treatment and rehabilitation programs aimed at all types of rheumatic diseases are integral components of its individual intensive rehabilitation program and support psychological care .
Course: 14-21 days
Neurological program
Multiple sclerosis - a serious disease . Treatment and rehabilitation program neurological sanatorium " ESPA " will help you both at the beginning and at the advanced stage of the disease to you as long as possible to maintain their lifestyle without restraints .
Gynecologic program
The aim of the treatment program is to provide a reflexive effect on the neuro-muscular system pelvic that corrects functions of the female organs , helps induce ovulation cycle and improve the conditions for pregnancy , thus removing funktsinalnogo infertility in women.
Course: 14-21 days
The program is designed for adult patients with cognitive deficits mobility of different origin , such as for example the effects of brain disorders ( cerebral palsy and stroke) and any post-accident conditions ( head injury or multiple injuries of the body. )
Course: 21 days
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