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Cardiology Center "CARVAR"

Cardiology Center

Cardiology Center "CARVAR" located in Yinchuan (the administrative center of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region). The center offers a full range of world-classservices for patients with cardiovascular disease.
Area Heart Center "CARVAR" is 2000 sq.m. This facility is equipped with the most modern equipment and has a world-class technical base.
  The center provides the most accurate diagnosis of cardiovascular disease and cerebrovascular disease.
In cardiology center "CARVAR" closely there are two teams - the Chinese and Korean, which together carry out operations on the heart.
History of Technology "CARVAR" originates from one of the great inventions -artificial heart valve. The first person in the world who invented the mechanical valve has become a heart surgeon Albert Starr. His invention, he saved the lives of many patients suffering from heart disease. However, mechanical valve patientswas a kind of "sword of Damocles", since after the operation, throughout his life the patient had to take anticoagulants and antiplatelet agents, and at the slightest injury could occur bleeding, so the rest of his life patients had to be very careful in their movements, for these people, it was impossible to bear a child, exercise and even visit the dentist. When palpitations patients could clearlyhear the sound of working mechanisms, and the rest of his life, the hospital was part of the "second home" for all patients with an artificial valve. The life of such people, even after the installation of a mechanical valve was not easy, had to live in constant fear that can cause serious complications. Many doctorstried to alleviate the plight of these patients and tried to find a way to not only extend the life of patients, but also enable them to lead an active life.
As a result of years of research and experiments, Korean heart surgeon Professor Song Myung Geun found a way to solve this problem. He developed his own method, which includes the restoration of the aortic root and valve. Depending on the size of the defect Professor Song valve with a biological materialbegan to carry out the restoration of the damaged areas. After such an operation, the patient no longer needs to take anticoagulants, rarely encounter anycomplications. This technology is called "CARVAR."
Since 1997, Professor Song Myung Geun began to conduct operations with the use of technology "CARVARmortality "Operation CARVAR" is 0.2%. At the moment, the relatively unknown professor has made 12 000 surgeries, 180 of them - a heart transplant surgery.
Since 2003, the technology "CARVAR" crossed the ocean and began operations performed in the Cardiology Center "CARVAR" g.Inchuan, China.
Technology "CARVAR» - This is a revolution in cardiac surgery, the most important advantage of which is that it brings the anatomy of the heart as much as possible to normal, thereby restored hemodynamics. Heart function in people who have had this operation restored quickly, the risk of postoperative complications is low, even after surgery patients do not need to take anticoagulants, thereby reducing treatment costs, increased quality of life. Of particular importance, this operation is to eliminate the pathological changes in the aortic valve, since after the operation completely restored the structure and function of the aortic valve. Operation "CARVAR" is also suitable for the reconstruction of the aortic root. To strengthen the aortic root using specialretaining rings, which prevent its secondary expansion.

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