Klinikum Harlaching Munich
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Klinikum Harlaching Munich

Klinikum Harlaching Munich

Multidisciplinary clinic Harlaching enters into association Munich Municipal Hospital (Städtische Klinikum München) and is the largest hospital in the South German region.

The hospital offers a wide range of diagnostic, therapeutic and operative treatment options. Here are almost all areas of modern medicine.

The clinic consists of twenty offices headed professors kotorye known both in Germany and abroad. The most famous are:
- Professor highway - led by the Department of Urology, the inventor of a new method break up kidney stones using shock wave ;
- Professor Dieter Hornbeam - gynecological department head ;
- Professor Hans Meyer- headed department of Ophthalmology is the best specialist in Europe for the laser refraction and photodynamic therapy ;
- Prof. Hans Gertleyn - considered highly qualified specialists for the treatment of diseases of the - of the propulsion system ;
- Professor Johannes Horn - headed the department of general surgery.

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