Clinic Barmhertsige Bruder (Regensburg)
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Clinic Barmhertsige Bruder (Regensburg)

This is a well-equipped clinic generalist in the east of Bavaria and is the largest Catholic hospital. On the basis of this clinic - severalacademic departments of the University of Regensburg.

Hospital building was built in 1927-1930 years, and already in 1932 the clinic was opened School of Nursing. During the Second World War, the building survived the hospital. In 1954 the building was reconstructed. Since the late 20th century, a modernization of the clinic - were equipped radiology department and the department of nuclear medicine, plastic surgery and hand surgery,operating rooms refurbished.

 To date, the clinic annually treats about 150,000 patients (100 thousand. - Outpatient, inpatient tys.- 50).
 At the hospital, 828 beds, 30 specialized departments including:
-Department of General and Visceral Surgery
-Department of Ophthalmology

Gynecology- and childbirth
-Children's department
-Department of Pediatric Oncology
the ray therapy
-oncology and hematology

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