How to overcome meteosensitivity?

Ailments that a person experiences due to abrupt changes of weather, no stranger to most people. Atmospheric fluctuations and surges can cause severe headache and aching joints. According to experts, meteosensitivity - it is not a disease. However, it it can bring a person a number of different troubles.
The body of each of us is designed in such a way that we feel a sharp change of weather for yourself. In humans, increased blood pressure, which leads to exacerbation of chronic diseases. Particularly affected by this hypertensive, so they have to constantly carry appropriate medications instant action. So, the main symptoms are meteosensitivity:

tachycardia and pain in the chest area;
shortness of breath and signs of angina pectoris;
exacerbation of cardiovascular, pulmonary and neurological diseases.

Reduce and even completely avoid meteozavisimosti possible, but it should give up bad habits. Alcohol and cigarettes raise blood pressure, and tea, coffee, various refreshing drinks. Fast food and sweets in unlimited quantities thicken the blood, increasing the risk of thrombosis. In general, you should eat more protein foods (turkey, chicken, beef, eggs and nuts, legumes) as well as vitamin salads, fruits and vegetables.

Not interfere with regular walking outdoors. They have a beneficial effect on the human body, particularly the brain, cardiovascular and pulmonary system. You can also do morning exercises or going to the gym. Experts recommend daily take a relaxing bath with essential oils and sea salt. Adhering to these tips, you will be able to overcome meteosensitivity.

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