Analisys for tumor markers

янв 17, 2017

Tumor markers - proteins present in the blood and urine of patients with cancer. Their appearance provoked cell malignancies from the very beginning of development cancer. Thus there is a possibility of diagnosis even in the early stages. Subsequent treatment in Germany will significantly increase the chances of recovery.

Who found about two hundred compounds that usually attributed to tumor markers. However, the diagnosis is carried out only 20 of the total, since they can be used to determine the presence of the disease is more likely. The values ​​of the overwhelming majority of them are estimated at IU - International Units.

The most common cancer markers:

AFP - AFP. At elevated concentrations above 10 IU is the probability of detection of several diseases and symptoms:

• liver tumors (extremely early stage)
• indirect signs of tumors in breast tissue, tumors of rectum and sigmoid colon, lung - ie other metastases of malignant tumors in the liver,
• embryonal carcinoma.

B-2-MG (Beta-2 microglobulin) indicates the active / passive cells of the immune system. Their quantity is remarkable increases in the presence of inflammation in any organ, renal failure. Present in all cells except red blood cells and trophoblast cells. Analysis of active tumor marker prescribed for the need to identify:

• myeloma
• B-cell leukemia
• lymphoma.

PSA is found in pathologically modified tissues of the prostate. PSA is among the most narrowly focused, and particularly sensitive markers used for detecting the need for prostate cancer. FPSA to PSA ratio to determine the percentage of:

• 0-15% of malignant tumors
• 15-20% marginal values
• 20% and above - the presence of benign tumors.

CEA - a waste product of the digestive system of the fetus. People who have reached adulthood, REA suppresses almost 100%. Analysis on the antigen is indicated for suspected education:

• stomach
• tissue of the colon and rectum,
• lung
• ovary, uterus
• prostate.

CA 125 - tumor marker, indicating the presence of tumors in the ovaries (as a whole - the genitals). If indicators are above the norm, we can assume the presence of entities in the following bodies:

• in the uterus,
• pancreas
• ovaries
• breasts.

If there are risks of cancer, before treatment in Germany to conduct necessarily make diagnostics - the analysis on several types of tumor markers. Which is - AFP, B-2-MG, CA 125, or any other - it depends on indirect evidence and other analyzes (determined by the physician).

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