Vitamin E can cause prostate cancer

Ноя 7, 2015

It was established that higher doses of vitamin E not only does not reduce the risk of prostate cancer , but also facilitate its formation .

Prostate cancer occurs in 2-4% of men, and it is the cause of death in nearly 10 % of cancer patients . Mechanisms of prostate tumors are not fully understood , but we know that they contribute to the formation of genetic predisposition , hormonal disorders , some viruses , chemical intoxication .

Vitamin E is essential for the reproductive functions of the body substance , since it contributes to stable activity of the sex glands . It is well known that prolonged absence of tocopherol in food develops infertility. Therefore, it is often prescribed for hypofunction dysfunction and genital organs , including the prostate. Usually administered therapeutic range selenium for a better effect .

For a long time it was believed that tocopherol is practically devoid of side effects and because it exceeded the daily needs (0.3 mg / kg body weight ) can not adversely affect the health of patients . Based on this judgment , doctors often prescribed it not only with the treatment , but also prophylactically , even in the absence of medical indications .

However, in recent times in the medical literature began to appear observations confirming the danger of high doses of tocopherol , so a group of scientists from the United States under the leadership of Samay Jain conducted a study aimed at identifying the possible negative impacts of vitamin E on prostate tissue . To do this for 10 years, examined more than 35,000 men over 55 years conditionally divided into several groups , each of which receives a dose of vitamin E and selenium . One group of patients given a placebo - an inert pill containing no drugs (it was necessary to compare the results of the control ) .

During the study it was found that prolonged use of vitamin E, selenium or combinations thereof in physiological doses has no effect on the incidence of malignant prostate tumors . Higher doses of vitamin E for long-term use increases the likelihood of prostate cancer by 17% compared with patients receiving placebo.

Thus , we have shown that high doses of vitamin E are dangerous for men older than 55 years , since they can contribute to the appearance of prostate cancer. It certainly should be aware of not only doctors, but also by the patients taking vitamin E.

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