How to manage everything - slow life

Ноя 21, 2015

For more than 20 years there is a new trend lifestyle Slow Life.

Proponents of such a life lived without fuss, hurry up, Abraham. Slowly and steadily. Businesses do " with feeling, really, with the arrangement ." " My head ," childish dipped into rest and allow yourself to " fullest " laugh, enjoy, admire, wonder, given emotions.

Slow Life - lifestyle different from the usual slower pace and skill to make it comfortable for yourself , find your pace perform vital tasks , responsibilities and create joy in every moment of existence. Ability to enjoy the simple daily actions and everyday things .

Proponents of this lifestyle have time thing - time to live. They live in their own rhythm, comfort mode , it is suitable to them and lets be effective.

Such a lifestyle is acceptable for almost everyone. Stop, listen to yourself , to your feelings , movements of the soul. After continuous running , the daily bustle , the race for everyone and everything unnecessary haste exhausting person to the limit, draws energy and strength . There is a feeling of powerlessness - chronic fatigue syndrome. For a high rate , we lose important lose the present moment , the moment of the "here and now." And we all know that it is impossible to time everywhere and all cases not change, and do not sing all the songs , all the books are not read , as well as all know is unrealistic.

If you are tired of the fuss , then these tips are for you.

1. Work slowly

The main principle - sequential execution cases. Do not grab for all the cases at once. Suffer and the quality and timing , and fatigue accumulates more and joy of this work you do not get it.

Slow life not at odds with planning time , but only from a different perspective considers the organization and its use . Learn uniformly alternate work and rest , avoid fatigue and overload . If you use your time wisely , you can do everything , avoiding the hustle and bustle .

2 . Eat slowly

Treat your food intake as ritual recuperation. Feel the pleasure of eating , do not eat on the go.

Chew , enjoy every bite , savor it. Slowly , quietly , with pleasure.

With slow eating you will become healthier , will suck less food and therefore lose weight and will always be in a good mood after ingestion.

3 . Communicate live

Fast pace of life and new technologies spawned the modern means of communication - the Internet, Skype, email, mobile phones, etc.

Certainly we can not even imagine life without modern means of communication, but a man - a social and warm living human communication in the modern age of rapid need us more than ever .

Four walls and a computer with access to the worldwide network will not be able to replace the friendly handshake , bright eyes , gentle touch.

Plan weekly meetings with friends and loved ones . Find time for such meetings , share the joy , energy and emotions. Such communication mutually enriching , improves skin tone , brings joy to life.

4 . Slow holiday

What do we do when finally the long-awaited vacation? We run again somewhere , trying to visit several countries , not to miss any of the museum, and then do not forget to buy gifts for girlfriends , friends, colleagues . Familiar? Yes ? Only after such a holiday you want more in one vacation to recover.

It turns out that the pace of everyday life has passed in at least a high rhythm of the holiday season and the man and continued to exist in the mode of stress, rush, the desire to " do everything " and on vacation.

Think about your vacation . Not necessarily see everything offered, go everywhere where there were others trying everything fans tried new sensations.

Maybe better to visit one country , admire an ancient ruin , enjoy the fresh breeze, the rays of the rising sun, the gentle fragrance of flowers ... But that next and who next , here and now , in the present moment . Relax the body , relax the soul. Taste every moment.

Try delayed life and life will become happier , nicer , better.

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