Cafes good mood

Авг 21, 2015

Proper selection of products will keep the perfect mood.

So the menu :

1.Black chocolate - is a great generator of good mood , due to the content it includes many useful components. In cocoa beans contain magnesium, which improves memory, helps fight stress, boosts immunity . It is known that dark chocolate stimulates the brain activity of human and improves mood.

2 . Nuts . Due to a considerable quantity of selenium , they protect us from stress and prevent depression.

3 . Fruits. Best start to the day .

4 . Dairy. Rich in calcium and tryptophan , a substance increases the level of serotonin , they will not only strengthen bones and teeth , but also uplifting .

5 . Grain bread - not only helps to get positive emotions, but also to keep them. The content is not essential amino acids and vitamins makes this product an excellent source of energy.

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