Treatment of pituitary adenomas in Germany

Ноя 8, 2015

Treatment of pituitary adenomas in neurosurgical centers in Germany conducted by radiotherapy and / or surgery. Last is to remove the tumor transcranial ( traditional ) or endoscopic endonasal transsphenoidal ( less traumatic ) access (if necessary also possible combination).

Transsphenoidal technique allows to perform the operation through the nasal passage using a probe and a special miniature instruments. The efficacy of such procedure for small sizes of the adenoma up to 90 %, while macroadenomas, depending on the situation - 30-70 %. Complications arise when much less than using the traditional open approach.

German doctors also very successful practice and non-invasive method of treatment of pituitary adenoma - radiosurgical. This is the so -called stereotactic radiotherapy , the essence of which is to weak irradiation of the tumor with a thin beam of radiation from different sides. To apply radiosurgery techniques such as cyber - and gamma- knife, Novalis.

Clinical management of each patient in the neurosurgical centers in Germany developed strictly on an individual basis, the treatment takes only experienced and highly qualified doctors have at their disposal the most modern available medical equipment.

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