Development of new methods of radiosurgery, radiation oncology in Germany

Ноя 21, 2015

Cyber ​​Knife - Robot controlled radiosurgery system for the treatment of cancer tumors, which is an alternative to surgery.

Destroys cancer cells to radio waves . Based on the well known method of treating cancer system was invented radihirurgicheskogo cancer treatment - CyberKnife. Particularly successful , this method has proven itself in the treatment of brain tumors.
Painless, gentle method of treating Cyber ​​knife - this is the exact to radio waves, which can replace surgery in oncology.

Accuracy of exposure to 0.1 millimeter! During the procedure, there is no need for anesthesia or patient's fixation on a table. Procedure sparing as tissue in the immediate vicinity of the tumor remained intact.

Radiosurgery method is different from traditional exposure that only a few procedures applied sufficiently high cumulative dose of radiation to kill cancer cells, radiation is applied specifically to the tumor without causing harm to the nearby tissues.

Higher dose increases the likelihood to radio waves to destroy cancer cells.

CyberKnife is used in the treatment of patients with respect to which the operational methods of treatment can not be applied due to various reasons.

Cyber ​​knife treatment is performed without anesthesia, its duration is 30 to 90 minutes.

Number of ongoing procedures - from one to five.

The success of treatment - complete tumor regression or stop its growth.

Treatment on-line cost calculation