Revolution in Laser Eye Surgery

Ноя 21, 2015

Doctors say the huge quantum leap in the field of ophthalmology. This quantum leap has been made possible thanks to the use of advanced laser technology, which enjoyed great success for many years in the treatment of myopia and hyperopia.

Only now possible to apply the so-called femtosecond laser technology for cataract surgery. The new laser (LenSx) makes tiny incisions are much more accurate than the surgeon's hand, scalpel in this case is unnecessary.

When the disease cataracts, the natural lens of the eye becomes cloudy with aging and deteriorating eyesight. This disease affects nearly all seniors. Treatment is possible only with the help of surgery. It only takes a few minutes, usually on an outpatient basis. Vision returns quickly. Usually the doctor makes an incision in the cornea using a scalpel, making micro-incision, open the lens capsule, the lens further fragmentation of substance occurs by ultrasound. Then implanted artificial lens transparent.

Under the new method, the disclosure of the lens capsule and lens fragmentation is performed with a laser. Do not disturb the surrounding tissue and the majority of patients with an artificial lens vision better than using conventional techniques.

The risk of infection is reduced. This new method is particularly suited to correct farsightedness, when correction is needed clear vision both near and at a distance. And all thanks to the fact that the new femtosecond laser provides an ideal location in the middle of a new lens orbit.

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