Application for Treatment

Chemodectoma - quite rare tumor that develops from located in the fork of carotid glomus (in the neck). Most often chemodectoma appears in middle age, and in approximately 90% of cases, benign neoplasm.

Symptoms chemodectoma

Chemodectoma grow slowly, often the patient detects already large tumor at the angle of the mandible on the neck. The tumor may have an irregular shape, be of different sizes, or have a bumpy surface is smooth, rubberyconsistency chemodectoma.

• Top-down formation is not shifted, while in the transverse direction is observed mobility.

• There may be pain in the ear, head or temples, but that is rare.

• Pressing on the hemodektoma often found ripple.

• Rare symptoms: drop in blood pressure, transient loss of consciousness, pallor with pressure on the tumor.

• If amazed fibers of the vagus nerve, with pressure on hemodektoma may occur hoarseness and cough.

• For large and / or malignant tumors can be paralysis of the sky, muscle atrophy on the side of the tumor, the deviation of the tongue.


Chemodectoma located at the bifurcation of the carotid artery, a professional pretty difficult to confuse it with something. Facilitates diagnosis cytology, which helps set neuroma, picture metastasis.

Thanks angiography may reveal a tumor spreading of the carotid arteries, the displacement of the internal carotid artery laterally. At the location of the tumor, usually is a rich vascular network.


The main methods of treatment - surgery. Operation is quite dangerous, as there is likelihood of damage to the carotid arteries, so performing the operation should be only in well-equipped hospitals with a great staff ofprofessionals who have rich experience in the issue of removal hemodektom.

Benign tumors removed without ligation of the carotid arteries, if chemodectoma malignant, it may requireresection of the carotid arteries. Unfortunately, the ligation of the carotid arteries is extremely high mortality in patients after surgery - 14-16%, but no surgery to recover from chemodectoma impossible, radiation therapyhas no effect. If the tumor is benign, the prognosis in 99.9% of cases favorable.

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