Multislice computed tomography
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Multislice computed tomography

Multislice computed tomography - CT evolved, discrete step in taking pictures which added movement of the transmitter and sensors along the patient's body. Combined axial rotation and longitudinal movement in space creates the effect of the spiral image gave its name to the method. The prefix "multi" indicates the use of multiple X-ray emitters , significantly improves the quality of the image.

Introduction to the practice of medicine multislice computed tomography expanded diagnostic tools, allowing to achieve the effect of early detection of pathologies. As one example of achieving impressive results - the use of multislice CT in the diagnosis of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

According to statistics, every second citizen of Russia have problems with the heart and cardiovascular system. Until recently, the only method of diagnosis of coronary heart disease was invasive coronary angiography (CAG ). This is the most informative method, but for the study required hospitalization patients to hospital. Besides, were not excluded on the background and complications of invasive intervention.

Introduction of multislice computed tomography ( MSCT ) yielded the most accurate assessment of the arteries in the short term and without hospitalization. One study enough to diagnose the condition of the thoracic aorta, pulmonary artery, coronary tree. Computer processing of the results makes it possible to confirm such dangerous clinical conditions such as aortic dissection, acute coronary syndrome and pulmonary artery tromboeboliya. A precise formulation of diagnoses makes the correct diagnosis, saving the lives of patients.

For diagnostic methods available MSCT cardiac valve structure system. Accurately determine such diseases: abnormality of the valve disorder of the autonomic system, the valves calcification , scarring infarction, hypertrophy of the muscular system of the heart, aneurysm. Not invasive monitoring perfusion and myocardial systolic function - another important part of a comprehensive survey.

Restrictions for MSCT

They do not differ from the general recommendations prescribing abandon this procedure. Limitations associated with the X-ray irradiation: acute form of claustrophobia, pregnancy and excess total maximum radiation dose. The technical limitations applies overweight. In the case of contrast injection or orally taken drugs contrast, can be added to the contraindications idiosyncrasy or allergic reactions.

Medical practice does not preclude the need for CT cases even if contraindications. In such cases, always prepared resuscitation team who have electrocardiograph ( fetal monitor ), ventilator, scanner, defibrillator and other equipment.

MSCT in cardiology faces additional challenges. The survey is complicated by coronary calcium, their small size ( less than 2mm ), obesity patient, the presence of congenital or acquired atrial fibrillation. If technical difficulties can fight to improve specifications scanners, the physiological prohibitions fight is not possible.

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