Genetic test
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Genetic test

Genetic test - fast, accurate and affordable analysis

Genetic Test - a test of the cell sample for the presence of atypical DNA genes and analysis of chromosome number, as well as their quality and placement procedure. Saliva, urine, blood, semen, hair, any body tissue and bones - all this is used for the test.

It is known that every person has a specific set of genes and chromosomes. One half of them inherited from the mother, the other - from the father. Inheritance can be transmitted many of the features and characteristics that make eachindividual. For example, skin color, blood group, a predisposition to certain diseases. Any changes in the genes or chromosomes can lead to problems from the medicine. It is for this reason it is important to do a genetic test because he can understand what is the cause of a disease.

Why do we need this analysis:
1. Detection of any hereditary disease and its history. by
the results of this test, a couple can learn how pregnancy occurs and if all is well with baby.
2. Detection of genetic disorders (Down's syndrome) in a child yet
in the womb. The test results help prospective parents make decisions about pregnancy.
3. Testing for all sorts of metabolic disorders. In
Depending on the results, you can assign a timely and effective treatment, thus avoiding deeper health problems.
4. Testing for the presence of genetic disorders,
promote the development of breast cancer or Huntington's disease.
5. Testing for the presence of any wrongdoing in the genes
contributing to the formation of cancers and HIV infection.

You should know that the conduct and preparation of the test must be carried out very carefully. Need to trust this important analysis to quality professionals. Before doing the test, you need to consult a therapist. After the meeting, you can consult a physician-geneticist. If your doctor says that you must take action, it is best to carry out treatment in Germany.

The method of genetic testing

The study is performed using a variety of cells or tissues.
If the test data necessary to make the child, the blood sample is taken from the heels.
In adults, a blood sample is taken from a vein. In this case, the result is always accurate at 99.9%.

Hurt or not hurt?

In order to make the analysis of the embryo is taken amniocentesis. At this point, there may be some inconveniences. Butit all depends on the individual characteristics and abilities of the nurse. Naturally, when taken for analysis saliva, urine, semen no painful sensations arise.

Indications for

Genetic test is required in order to be able to:
- To identify diseases that are transmitted genetically;
- Identify the possible occurrence of diseases;
- Identify the characteristics of an organism against disease;
- To find out all the information about diseases that are inherited.

The only thing on the result of this analysis may affect such a procedure as a blood transfusion shortly before testing.

Since such a test - this is a purely personal information, the unauthorized access to it is closed.

This analysis is very common in the medical field. Treatment of many diseases in Germany is high. Because genetic analysis in medical institutions in Germany is considered the norm, and is conducted in a professional manner.

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