Diagnosis of varicose veins in Germany
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Diagnosis of varicose veins in Germany

German experts are working on methods which have no analogues in the world. Equally important is the timely and full diagnostics. Diagnosis of varicose veins in Germany is constantly being improved, there are more accurate and reliable survey methods, which allow the correct diagnosis even in the most complex cases (eg varicose pelvic veins ).

Simple inspection can not give a reliable picture of the disease. According to current standard treatment of varicose veins, taken in Germany, the first time a phlebologist carried ultrasound .
Ultrasound in Germany - is highly informative , painless and completely safe research. Ultrasound examination can detect the presence of blood clots in the venous valves, to assess the overall condition of the vessels.
Most often performed color duplex scanning of the veins. It provides information about the condition of the venous system.Current diagnostic methods, which are used in Germany, allow accurately select treatment.
Ultrasound scanning in varicose veins in Germany - is the main method of diagnosis of diseases of the venous system. It does not require special training and often carried out directly on the same day.
Application of Doppler to evaluate blood flow characteristics: direction and speed of blood through the vein, blood volume. With angioscaning possible to obtain reliable information about the state of the venous system. In the most difficult cases, the mode of duplex and triplex scanning. Modern software in German clinics helps to get three-dimensional image on the screen of the venous system, to assess the structural changes in the vessel walls . Ultrasound examination helps identify the disease at an early stage to prescribe treatment in a timely manner.
In severe cases, when the ultrasound study is not enough to obtain complete information on the status and location of the veins of the patient is assigned to spiral computed tomography .
During spiral computed tomography X-ray performed internal organs. With SCT you can get volume three-dimensional image. First , this technique has been used in clinical practice in 1989. CTS allows you to quickly explore the whole anatomy facilitates planning of operations , gives you the opportunity to investigate in detail even the most complex structures.
Laboratory diagnosis for varicose veins in Germany
Laboratory examination of the blood is of great importance in the diagnosis of varicose veins. Drawing blood from a vein produce in the morning on an empty stomach . For suspected thrombosis or thrombophlebitis performed blood clotting. Also, the level of the analysis of endothelial cells in the blood.

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