Heart pain in children
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Heart pain in children

There is a stereotype that cardiac pain - this age.Nothing of the sort - the heart may tingle andteens, and kids 3-4 years. As for the causes of pain, the lot of them. And the unpleasantmanifestations of pain - a lot.

The main thing - to examine the child, to excludehazardous pathology of the cardiovascular system. Any other cause of pain can be detected only through competent professionals.

Your child needs a good cardiology. It is important to work with a toddler experienced professional who knows all the features of children's blood supply. Best cardiology in Germany - a place where diagnose and cureillness.

Features of the blood supply in children

In children, a rapid pulse. Number of contractions of the heart at times more than that of an adult. The frequency variesdepending on many factors. Body temperature, emotional experiences - all of which can trigger a rapid pulse.

There are other features. For example, the age of the child depends on blood pressure. In children, good blood circulation,which is due to several factors: the vascular lumen, a large mass of the heart, muscles wide openings.

Children's heart needs to work harder, unlike the adult body. A relatively large amount of blood, especially energy metabolism - the main reasons for this situation.

Causes of cardiac pain in children

- Functional pain. They are associated with active growth of the myocardium. These pains occur most commonly inchildren of primary school age. Coronary vessels develop more slowly infarction and the problems begin. Heart is not getting the necessary nutrients. Consequently formed myocardial hypoxia, which in turn becomes a cause of pain in the cardiac muscle. Soreness can be aggravated by physical exertion, stress.

- Dystonia, problems with blood pressure (BP). Reduced or vice versa - high blood pressure - common causes of cardiacpain in children.

- Problems with the spine. Spine - the core of life. Impaired posture, scoliosis and other ailments provoke prolonged painof the heart, which may become chronic, if you run the situation.

- Infections. Heart pain may indicate intoxication. They also develop a harbinger of myocarditis (rheumatic and infectious).

- Pathology of the cardiovascular system. Cardialgia the child may be the result of malformations of the heart muscle,postoperative state, pericarditis, myocarditis.

But this is only the main reasons. There are others, such as neuralgia, osteochondrosis of the thoracic able to mimic thepain.

Where radiating heart pain in children

Feeling of pressure behind the breastbone radiating to the left arm indicates myocardial ischemia. Pain appear, as a rule,in the case of excessive exercise, stress after meals.

Irradiation of cardiac pain in the right shoulder and right side of the sternum is typical for pericarditis. In any case of a childto be diagnosed at a good foreign equipment to establish the exact cause of pain.

Characteristics of the child's heart aches

Child feels discomfort in the apex of the heart. They usually will not give. Pricking sensations are not related to physical activity and emotional tension. There is one important caveat.

If during an attack to distract the child, the pain will pass by themselves. If the pain associated with stress or other causes,they will not in themselves. In this case, need sedatives.
Treatment of pain in my heart babies

If outwardly healthy child complains of heart, you need to check it. Require the services of a pediatrician and pediatric cardiologist. Experts on the results of the ECG and ultrasound establish cause of the disease. In some cases, you may need the help of a podiatrist, gastroenterologist, neurologist.

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