Atopic dermatitis
Application for Treatment
Atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis, or in other words, atopic eczema - one of the most common skin diseases, allergic nature carrier. It is characterized by a chronic inflammatory process of the skin. Accompanied by itching, the presence of certain stages of disease development and constantly changing eruptions.Atopic dermatitis often accompany allergic attacks in the respiratory organs (rinokonyuktivit, asthma).

Basically, the disease manifests itself in the early period of life, both boys and girls. Next atopic eczema may continue their unpleasant existence or recurring, combined with other allergic diseases, thereby disrupting the quality of life of the individual and the rising generation of his family. Skin diseases are not transmitted allergic genesis tactile and airborne.

Factors and causes of atopic eczema

As a rule, many allergic diseases transmitted from person to person by inheritance. It is important to note the fact that the parent sends the child is not itself a disease, but a genetic complex, which causes the development of allergic diseases. The presence of atopic dermatitis in the mother or father - is 99% chance manifestations of the disease and their offspring. The real causes of atopic eczema is still not established, but there are several theories: genetic predisposition and a weakened immune system. On the background of the last child develops excessive sensitivity to internal and external stimuli that acts as a push to develop the disease. Manifestation of atopic dermatitis can be in the form of allergies to certain foods, chemicals that make up the majority of household tools, or allergens of animal or vegetable origin. Also trigger the development of the acute form of atopic eczema may stress, other serious diseases, overvoltage, etc.

Treatment of atopic dermatitis

Atopic eczema patient can rightfully expect a full recovery. First and foremost, doctors prescribe therapy. For what? First, with the help of a competent therapy can reduce cutaneous inflammatory changes and significantly relieve the itching. Second, you can improve your metabolism, thereby restoring normal skin structure. Thirdly it is likely that after successful therapy of atopic dermatitis disease cease development. Coming treatment in Germany or other developed country, the patient gives a clear understanding of the disease, that it is nothing to do here! Think about your health!

Also, there are popular treatments for atopic eczema in the form of compresses, lotions, potions, special baths, ointments and decoctions. In addition to treatments and medications, the patient must adjust itself to recover. How to do it?
1) Do not look at myself in the mirror, as a sick person - you need to live a full life and to follow doctor's prescriptions.
2) Look at all the positive.
3) passionate about creativity.
4) Refuse to water treatments.

Traditional healers as one asserting that if a man will not take the disease "in itself", it eventually surrender and retreat. My attitude - it's the same drug, but it has no side effects! Remember that life does not end there!
Health to you and your family!

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